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Sprout Cycles is a one man operation specializing in fully custom bicycles designed, built and assembled in Portland, OR. Owner/operator -- and Portland native -- Edwin Brown loves bikes. And though it might not be easy to get him to say exactly how and when a fondness for anodized purple components got him into the framebuilding business, maybe that exactly explains his passion for building rider-specific bicycles for people who share a sometimes inexplicable love of cycling.

Each Sprout frame takes inspiration from time-tested traditions while keeping an eye toward progressive, highly tuned design in order to maximize performance, comfort and style. Perfectly elegant, necessarily simple. The building process starts with a carefully selected blend of steel tubes: rider and frame-builder working together toward a unity of beauty and functionality. Frames are built to suit an individual rider's specific fit and application, utilizing TIG welded and Oxy-Acetylene brazed construction; each step of creation working toward a synthesis of riding type, personal style, durability and practical execution. Whether you take solace in your daily commute, or like to test yourself on the track, trail, road or cross course, a Sprout bicycle will get you one your way to your cycle dreams. Aesthetic brilliance and thousands of miles of happy riding. Are you ready?

...if so, get in touch by phone or email so we can start talking about what your new bicycle will need to do. Once we establish your basic design requirements, an $800 deposit will hold your place in line and get the CAD process started. The base price for most frame types is $1600, so think of your deposit as half of your frame. Then the hard part begins: waiting for your special bike. Once your deposit is down, your complete bicycle is five months away, which gives you time to consider your paint preferences and some component subtleties (but Sprout is happy to help with those as well).

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